Excellent craftsmanship comes from knowing the difference between good and great products. Custom Wood Craft design not only hires the top carpenters but also works with the top products and materials. You can purchase molding directly here.

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Below are my customer testimonial:

I want to personally thank Custom Wood Craft for their tireless work ethic and their dedication to perfection. Custom Wood Craft has turned our house into a beautiful home and my wife and I get to enjoy their craftmanship every day. Custom Wood Craft has now completed three major projects in my house which has culminated into a complete home makeover. I am very picky and I have an eye for detail and Custom Wood Craft isthe first contractor that I have worked with that exceeded my own high standards. Their work is beautiful, look at the pictures, but most importantly they have integrity and honesty which set them apart. They work with a purpose, which means your job will be completed to the highest standards and it will be done on time and within budget. What impressed me most with Custom Wood Craft was when we ran into a more than anticipated complication with our most recent project. Custom Wood Craft not only worked around the challenge but they turned the challenge into a great finished project. The issue was handled to perfection and Custom Wood Craft worked with such purpose and resolve that our complication did not slow us down a bit. You truly see the character of a person when the job becomes much more difficult and this is where Custom Wood Craft thrives. Thank you again Custom Wood Craft, simply put “ You are Best in Show.”

Warm regards, Bill Davis